Why choose kontrolON?

Choose the 4.0 solution for the smart and efficient control

KontrolON can be used in any production sector and can also be installed if there are other third-party monitoring systems. In fact, its operation does not conflict with other management or control platforms.

  • Identify waste by eliminating unnecessary costs
  • Eliminate the distances between the production sites
  • Monitor energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces business expenses
  • Optimises the production process
  • Increases corporate profit margins
  • Improves corporate reputation
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Monitor your plants across Europe

KontrolON is the right solution for controlling the production plants of multi-site companies. Control the progress of production cycles from any distance with customised dashboards and intervene in real time to manage ongoing and planned production activities.

Reduction of production costs

KontrolON helps you identify the production costs and any waste of resources by monitoring the processes and consumption of your plants. A quick and effective control you can consult directly from the cloud platform and from the device you prefer (PC, tablet or smartphone).

No more scattered sheets and notes

Forget the sheets to be recovered, manual calculations and scattered notes; thanks to kontrolON's personalised reports and automatic data collection, control of production plants is just a click away. Just connect to the cloud platform and always have everything with you.

Custom alerts and notifications

You always know what is happening to your production plants. The system sends you alerts and notifications in case of anomalies, plant shutdowns and levels below threshold, in order to make a timely intervention. You choose what to know and in what mode, KontrolON updates you as soon as something is wrong.

Make room for predictive maintenance

With kontrolON you intercept machine faults and avoid suspending production activities to repair them. Reduce repair costs, limit material procurement costs and monitor maintenance activities at all times and from any device.

Stay connected with the production managers

Thanks to this control system, you can consult: the status of production/maintenance activities, energy consumption and the quantities of product inserted in the systems. With automatic data collection, you are in touch with employees and can propose changes to ongoing activities, even if you are not on site.

The innovative system tailored for you

You can customise the dashboards and ask to insert new panels or screens according to your needs. KontrolON is fully customisable; our professionals follow market developments and are ready to answer different needs over time.

Reduction of working times

KontrolON is also a support tool for control and production managers who are always forced to waste hours and hours of work checking the state of the machinery and the outcome of the production cycles. Finally, you can say enough to inaccurate data, scattered and manual annotations.

Control of CO2 emissions

If you care about the environment and want to optimise the sustainability of the production processes of your plants, kontrolON is the right solution for you. Monitoring energy consumption allows you to analyse the quality and quantity of greenhouse gas emissions produced. It will therefore be easy to direct the company towards increasingly sustainable procedures.