I.C.S. S.p.A.

Energy monitoring

A leader in the industry of plastics moulding for various sectors, such as wine production, gardening, separate collection of waste, leisure, household products, industry and construction products.


The company exports almost 50% of its products globally and it needed to faster collect more accurate data. In particular, the client wanted to:
  • Obtain a tool of instant and immediate control of consumption
  • Analyse costs in real time and take immediate measures to improve processes
  • Monitor environmental impact of the company
  • Adopt a strategy of continuous improvement with a view to implementing circular economy principles


As for any energy-intensive business, energy costs play a significant role in the process of production of this company. After a careful analysis of the requirements expressed by the company owners, our team installed kontrolON for energy monitoring.

KontrolON Energy monitors CO2 emissions deriving from production processes, thus supporting the business in their attempts to save resources and control their environmental impact as most products of I.C.S. are already manufactured of recycled or post-consumer plastics.


Thanks to instant monitoring performed by kontrolON, the company is now able to analyse costs in real time and immediately identify waste and consumption rates in an effortless way.

Digital and not anymore manual collection of data simplifies further operations and analysis.

A customised dashboard available at a PC or smartphone via a special app, allows company owners and operators to take immediate action in case anomalies occur, raising the overall business efficiency.

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