The control system for the production and energy consumption of industrial plants

Integrated monitoring of the activities and consumption of the production plants

KontrolON is an integrated monitoring system, characterised by a hardware component - dedicated to measuring the consumption data of the plants - and a software that acquires the information, analyses it and returns it to the user allowing the evaluation and correction of the anomalies detected.

How much does your production plant use?

The system monitors the energy used during production, the quality and quantity of CO2 emissions, the operation of the plants and individual machinery. You can find out the hours worked in a day, the quantity of material produced, the wasted resources and the exact moment when the system is turned on/off.

Goodbye manual transcriptions

Thanks to automatic data collection, manual transcriptions to record the state of the plants will be just an old memory. KontrolON simplifies the operations for data acquisition, detects information on consumption and the activity of the machinery and makes it available to you with customised dashboards.

Real-time performance: compatibility and reliability

The system is compatible with any third party monitoring systems. It favours the analysis and management of corporate performance and consumption without ever losing effectiveness and reliability. Your systems will no longer have any secrets because their performance will be available remotely and in real time.

Personalised reports

With customised reports - sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - you can analyse the production trend, simplify the activities useful for defining the next business strategies and easily proceed with the planning of future actions.

Analyses and compares production performance

KontrolON detects the data coming from the measuring instruments of the plants and compares them with the sector Benchmarks in real time. So you have the possibility to analyse the production data and study improvement strategies aimed at increasing the performance of your industrial plant.

Predictive maintenance of plants and machinery

Thanks to the use of specific algorithms and predictive analysis, kontrolON intercepts possible failures and malfunctions. The information collected facilitates the scheduling of maintenance interventions avoiding harmful interruptions of activities and repair costs.

kontrolon report

KontrolON is the digital assistant at the service of your company

It does not replace any team member, but supports your management activity and that of your employees, engaged daily in the control of production and/or plants.

  • Real time control of production
  • Control of production/waste volumes
  • Remote control of functional parameters
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Analysis and reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions