Cava Fusi

placeUboldo (VA)

Cava Fusi S.r.l. is a company specialised in the production and marketing of aggregate building and road materials, in this case: natural, crushed, tout-venant and recycled.

warning Pre-intervention problems

The customer expressed the need to monitor the production of the aggregate crushing plant in real time and in particular:

  1. Getting the daily and monthly summary of activities
  2. Comparing the data emerging from the monitoring with the operators' delivery lists
  3. Daily monitoring of energy consumption: quantity of aggregates produced and electricity consumption
  4. Knowing the hours worked every day

track_changes Scopes

Following a careful analysis of the needs, it was therefore decided to set the objectives to be achieved:

  1. Timely, detailed and real-time survey of the production
  2. Adopt a simple and non-invasive monitoring system, capable of interacting directly with the system
  3. Immediately analyse the data of the reports prepared to promote environmental sustainability and verify the CO2 level determined by the company's electricity consumption
  4. Manage plant maintenance activities in order to avoid frequent and prolonged downtimes

emoji_objectsThe solution

Installation and configuration of the kontrolON monitoring system for controlling the production and energy consumption of industrial plants.

Monitoring of the operating status of the plant and of the production trend in real time and on a final basis every 24h, every week and every month. Customisation of automatic reports with sending by e-mail and App. Customisation of alerts to support the entrepreneur and operators in order to plan and schedule - ordinary and extraordinary - maintenance operations and keep energy consumption and CO2 emissions levels under control.

emoji_events The results

Thanks to kontrolON, entrepreneur and operators monitor the data coming from the aggregates production plant remotely, managing to display the production trend and the hours worked for each belt and for each type of aggregate in real time.

The customer receives alerts in case of anomalies or production below threshold and is able to view the average flow rate in tons/h for each belt.

Through the calculation of company KPIs and thanks to the customised platform, today the property is able to evaluate the efficiency of the system on a daily basis. Furthermore, it can compare the data with the production trend of the previous day thanks to the receipt of a daily report.

Thanks to the personalised dashboard reachable both from PC and smartphone, the customer monitors data and all belts.

Furthermore, thanks to the implementation of predictive maintenance, the customer is able to keep the maintenance activities of the plants under control - both ordinary and extraordinary - and to plan any component replacements in advance; all without suspending any plant activity.