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The control system for the production and energy consumption of industrial plants

Simple. Sustainable. Smart

KontrolON is the innovative solution to control the production and consumption of industrial plants.

It detects and returns in real time the data on the state of health, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the performance of individual machines or entire production areas.

KontrolON identifies downtime, production below threshold, waste of resources, and communicates through personalised alerts, sent directly to the device (desktop, pc, tablet, app) and in the way you prefer (push notification, sms, email).

You can finally check the activities of your company in real time, wherever you are. Get started right away

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The ideal solution for multisite systems

KontrolON deletes the distances between the production sites.

It is the best ally of those who own multi-site companies, plants that are distant from one another, even in different countries.
Thanks to the cloud platform, a login is all you need to have all the data on your screen.
Find out how important it is to monitor, modify and schedule your company's activities in real time, even if hundreds of kms away from the office.

Always informed thanks to personalised alerts

KontrolON communicates with you in real time through alerts and notifications.

In the event of a production level below the threshold, plant shutdowns, waste of resources and other anomalies, the system sends an alert to the indicated device and the associated operator, promoting interventions and therefore an immediate resolution of the problem.
Check the status of machinery, activities and resources even when you're not in the office. If you are at a meeting or away from the office, you can monitor the production trend and manage the changes to be implemented without effort or any waste of time.

Quantity and consumption of company performance within dashboard range!

How many times would you have liked to immediately know the performance and consumption of your production plant?
With kontrolON it is easy: access the cloud platform and check the quantities produced at any time through personalised dashboards that are easy to consult.
Thanks to kontrolON, the data of your plants are directly visible remotely , favouring the effective analysis of the performance and critical issues of the production processes.

It anticipates plant failures with predictive maintenance

KontrolON prevents machine failures thanks to predictive analysis.

An innovative method that allows receiving detailed information on the state of health of the plants (machinery, motors, belts, etc.) finally freeing operators from burdensome surveys. Thanks to the dedicated panel you can check if there are plants that are stopped, under maintenance or in operation in real time. And if too much time has passed since the last maintenance operation, you can schedule another one avoiding future failures .

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KontrolON respects the environment

An eco-sustainable solution

KontrolON measures the quantity and quality of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions produced by production cycles, allowing a significant reduction in environmental impact.Today, more than ever, it is essential to do your share and benefit the environment and it is easy with kontrolON.Become a green company: just look at the dedicated dashboard to consult the status of the emissions and adopt the necessary No impact in progress strategies.