With you at every stage of production

You can count on a team that is always operative
even remotely

After an initial period of inspections, surveys and running-in, the kontrolON professionals meet the companies to discuss what emerged from the corporate performance reports and propose improvement actions to be taken. To achieve the set goals together, we start a training course that also involves employees. Our goal is to support everyone - from ownership to plant managers - in an ever deeper knowledge of the benefits of our control system. A true control room for monitoring the activities and consumption of production plants, an ally for your team, kontrolON is a benefit for everyone.

Our offer

  • Free site inspection with a specialised technician
  • Technical analysis of the performance and consumption of the production plants
  • Report of current performances
  • Comparison with the average performance of the sector
  • Installation and configuration of the platform
  • Dashboard in real time
  • Custom reports
  • Corporate training