Pasell srl

placeForino (AV)

Pasell is a company with offices in Italy and abroad that deals with the production of concrete components for the household appliance sector.

warning Pre-intervention problems

The customer expressed the need to have the production of the concrete plant of the Avellino office under control - and in real time - subsequently extend the monitoring also to the other company offices. Specifically, the customer asked to be able to:

  1. Compare the data that emerged with the operators' delivery notes
  2. Daily monitor the amount of aggregate raw material (with different grain sizes), cement and additives
  3. Monitor energy consumption: quantity of raw material used, concrete produced and electricity consumption

track_changes Scopes

Together with the customer, we have defined the objectives to be achieved:

  1. Know the exact energy consumption for each individual concrete casting
  2. Know the exact quantity of raw material used for each casting, with the related product differentiation
  3. Simplify data acquisition processes by eliminating manual transcriptions
  4. Monitor production sites in real time and remotely

emoji_objectsThe solution

Installation and configuration of the kontrolON platform for monitoring the production plant and its production level, both in real time and in the final balance every 24h.

Customisation of automatic reports - by e-mail - and alerts to support the technical staff to plan plant shutdowns and schedule all maintenance activities.

emoji_events The results

Thanks to kontrolON, the customer detects and reads the signals coming from the concrete production plants, viewing the consumption, the production trend and the hours worked in real time.

The installed platform analyses the efficiency of the production plants, calculating the company KPI (hourly production kg/h and energy KPI) and returns the acquired information to the customer on a daily basis.

Thanks to kontrolON, the system manager receives a daily report with the production data of the previous day (number of jets, quantity in kg of each component used, total product and electrical consumption) to be shown to the property at any time.

Today, the customer monitors all the company's production plants through an overall dashboard accessible from PC and smartphone, thus managing to easily control all the other foreign offices from Italy.