Santorelli Group srl

placeRovato (BS)

International player in the agri-food sector, specialised in the production of semi-finished cherries, intended for different uses.

warning Pre-intervention problems

The customer needed to check in real time all the company production plants distributed in Europe. Among the needs expressed:

  1. Monitoring of the activities and consumption of the production plants
  2. Comparison of the data that emerged with the operators' delivery notes
  3. Daily monitoring of the quantity of drums produced by each production line and individual plants

track_changes Scopes

Together with the customer, we have thus chosen to establish the objectives to be achieved:

  1. Know in real time the actual processing hours of all the group's production plants and any plant shutdowns
  2. Know the actual quantity produced of each type of product (e.g. cherry in alcohol, pitted, maraschino, and so on)
  3. Simplify the data acquisition processes and abandon manual transcriptions and related checks so far linked to each plant manager
  4. Remotely monitor all production plants
  5. Know the sector KPIs and establish the value of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  6. Check the performance of the production plants
  7. Know costs and consumption of electricity in real time

emoji_objectsThe solution

Installation and configuration of the kontrolON platform for real-time monitoring of the operational and production status of all company production plants.

Personalisation of the automatic report reception mode with the estimate of the activity data and the energy consumption of the plants.

Customisation of alerts to support employee scheduling activities, including those related to plant maintenance.

emoji_events The results

KontrolON has made the monitored plants more efficient thanks to the identification of the key indicators (KPI), which have made it possible to reduce losses and increase profits.

Measuring the productivity of the plant has resulted in greater corporate competitiveness, thanks to connectivity and data analysis, according to the directives of the "Industry 4.0".

Today the customer acknowledges that kontrolON was the simplest and most economical solution to manage the flow of data from the various production lines, aggregate them and make them available clearly to the entrepreneur and plant technicians.

Thanks to kontrolON, the customer has the information necessary to improve overall efficiency and knows the real production capacities of systems, lines and machinery, easily identifying critical issues and imperfections.

The creation of an interactive and customised dashboard favoured the definition of the daily and weekly production strategy of each production line of the plant.

Thanks to the help of kontrolON the entire production process has been simplified; the customer recorded an increase in productivity on all production lines and reduced investment recovery times.