placeNervesa della Battaglia (TV)

Leading company in the concrete and bituminous conglomerate sectors with 58 sites distributed throughout Italy.

warning Pre-intervention problems

The customer expressed the need to control the production of all production plants. Among the needs expressed:

  1. Monitoring of the activities and consumption of the production plants
  2. Comparison of the data emerging from the monitoring with the operators' delivery lists
  3. Daily monitoring of the quantity of raw material: conglomerate produced and relative percentage of unused material

track_changes Scopes

Following a careful analysis of the customer's needs, we defined together the objectives to be achieved:

  1. Know the exact unit cost of each single ton of asphalt, both in terms of use of the raw material and energy consumption
  2. Simplify data acquisition processes by making room for automatic detection
  3. Monitor production sites in real time and remotely

emoji_objectsThe solution

Installation and configuration of the kontrolON platform for monitoring the operating status of the plants and their production levels, remotely, in real time and on a final basis every 24h.

Customisation of alerts in support of technical staff for the programming of daily activities, including ordinary/extraordinary maintenance.

Verification of the consumption of each raw material used during production and programming of its procurement process.

emoji_events The results

Thanks to kontrolON the customer views and analyses all the data from the production plants - in real time and remotely - on: production trend and consumption, use of each raw material and production consumption.

Thanks to the dedicated platform, the information acquired by the system allows the calculation of the company KPIs and the evaluation of the efficiency of the system.