Pasell S.R.L.

Monitoring of concrete production plant

Company specialised in the production of concrete components for the household appliances sector, in Italy and abroad.


The customer needed to control the production plant in a practical and efficient way. In particular, they requested to:

  • Optimise production processes by avoiding machine downtime, reducing consumption and harmful emissions
  • Implement a simple and non-invasive system
  • Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on the collected data
  • Manage routine and extraordinary plant maintenance activities


After a preliminary site inspection, our team installed and configured kontrolON for production monitoring. It was followed by the customisation of panels, dashboards, reports and alerts, significant tools to facilitate the display of data acquired by the system in real time.


Thanks to kontrolON, entrepreneurs and operators can monitor the status of the plant and production, define the quantities of incoming and outgoing material and identify the energy consumption from a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

In the event of production anomalies, the plant operator receives an alert that allows them to intervene quickly to solve the problem.

Thanks to the implementation of kontrolON, the customer has achieved remarkable economic savings.

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