Energy consumption monitoring

With KontrolON Energy, we provide you with a complete energy consumption kit comprising its installation, without interrupting any production process of your company.

Energy monitoring platform enables you to manage multi-site factories and compare internal and sector benchmarks (KPIs).

The collected data can be exported in the most common formats to facilitate its analysis by means of various types of third-party software.   

It is an optimisation experience that brings you useful services allowing you to define a tailor-made energy strategy for your business.

  • Quarterly report (based on collected data) prepared by a UNI CEI 1339 certified EME
  • Flash audit aimed at defining the most appropriate monitoring system, also carried out by an Energy Management Expert (EME).

Sectors we address







These are the sectors where we have most expertise, both in Italy and abroad. However, KontrolON can be used at any industrial plant.

If your sector is different from those described and you would like to get additional information, please, fill in our form.