Absolutely. Those who have industrial plants in different countries (even very far away from each other) can still install KontrolOn and benefit from its advantages.

Yes, our monitoring system is one of the tools and in-process systems that are eligible for the Industry/4.0 Transition tax credit scheme.

Data is collected from sensors that are installed on the machines themselves or through technological/digital processes.

Customisation is one of distinguishing features of KontrolON, which differentiates it from other systems available on the market. KontrolON is capable of meeting any customers’ requirements.  

Yes, KontrolON comprises various modules. Although they are related to one another, they can still be purchased separately.  

Those who purchase KontrolON are able to monitor various parameters (amounts and costs) related to production, energy consumption and CO2 emissions, maintenance and machinery condition, factory downtime as well as all their production lines.

Absolutely. KontrolON makes you eligible for tax advantages and state incentives that are part of Industry/Transition 4.0.

Yes, thanks to the analysis performed by KontrolON, it is easy to collect the data that will help you understand which corrective measures have to be taken.

Our system interacts with other factory tools using sensor and digital processes that allow us to collect and exchange data. 

Energy monitoring represents one of the main differences in comparison to other systems that are available on the market. You can discover all the details on the page dedicated to the system’s benefits.

Sure, all the requests are examined by our engineers who carry out a feasibility study and the required level of customisation.  

Absolutely. KontrolON allows this operation facilitating the comparison of data that has been collected.   

Sure, in case of an anomaly, KontrolON activates an alert and sends a push notification to a designated user.

KontrolON gives its customers a possibility to set various alerts that get activated in case of an emergency related to production, energy consumption, plant downtime and others.

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