Transition 5.0: take part of the changement

An innovative, digital, and human-centric perspective on industrial processes, focused on the use of IoT technologies and AI and machine learning programs, in collaboration with the creative component of people.

From automation to large-scale customization, increasing the use of Industry 5.0 tools in the company reduces the risk of errors and malfunctions in processes, giving employees the opportunity to perform high-value-added tasks.

The Industry 5.0 model is supported by institutions: the Transition 5.0 Plan, whose measures are added to those of the previous Plan 4.0, provides facilitations in the form of tax credits for capital goods and investments made within the framework of Transition 5.0.

Incentives for Industry 5.0: The Transition 5.0 Plan

The Transition 5.0 Plan, published on February 26, 2024, has allocated thirteen billion euros to companies investing in tools for digital and energy transition, through the adoption of innovative technologies aimed at sustainable productivity.

Tax incentives are provided in the form of tax credits, the percentage of which varies depending on the savings achieved by the company (which must record a 3% improvement in energy efficiency, or a 5% improvement in the affected production process).

The percentages of tax credit that the Transition 5.0 Plan reserves for companies vary depending on the size of the investment and the percentage reduction in energy consumption.

Benefits Industry 5.0

The previous regulation:
the Transition 4.0 Plan

With the aim of supporting the digital transformation of businesses, the Transition 4.0 Plan, initiated in 2017 through a series of regulatory initiatives providing incentives to businesses and reaffirmed with the Budget Law 2023, envisaged measures to support companies investing in the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets for the digitalization of industrial processes.

The Transition 4.0 Plan and the Transition 5.0 Plan do not include concurrent or alternative measures: companies that do not achieve the energy savings levels stipulated by the Transition 5.0 Plan can access the measures provided by the Transition 4.0 Plan.

Moreover, the new Transition 5.0 Plan increases the maximum allowable expenditure limit to 50 million euros per year per company, compared to the 20 million euros envisaged by the previous Plan.

Monitor and analyse
data with kontrolON

The keyword of Transition 5.0 is: digitalization.

Using digital tools and software, Industry 5.0 makes it possible to simplify daily operations, generating operational efficiency and energy savings, two concepts that are a direct expression of applying ESG criteria in the company.

At the heart of industrial digitalization, what is kontrolON?

It is the result of years of experience and know-how that we have leveraged to create software capable of monitoring, analysing, and reporting energy consumption and the amount of self-produced energy, through the analysis of collected data, including those from IoT sensors (Energy Dashboarding).

A system that not only facilitates post-reporting but is also an investment eligible for up to 45% in incentives, fully qualifying under the instruments provided by Industry 5.0 incentives.

Take part in Transition 5.0, to benefit from it in the long term.

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