Manufacturing industry

KontrolON is a monitoring system 4.0 that is able to meet the requirements of any manufacturing business that has to deal with final products and machinery as well as with various production techniques.

A customised control dashboard allows selecting a particular period of time and getting all the production data related to it. KontrolON is a tool that enables you to obtain exact data regarding the process of production, consumption, costs and resources.

Production data

Production details:

  • Monitoring of operating machines: presses, packaging machine, cutters, etc.
  • Quantity of cycles (e.g. press compressions)
  • Hours worked and machine operation time
  • Average and/or instant cycle machine duration
  • Production details of the entire production plant


Generation and transmitting of customised alerts via push notifications appearing on your PC, tablet, smartphone and app.

  • Production process alerts: power used over/under the established threshold and the related duration

Alerts are activated when a certain parameter (minimum, maximum, average, summary) is either above or below the established threshold.

Costs and emissions

Breakdown of the incurred costs for the factory power supply:

  • Overall electricity costs
  • Electricity costs for the production of a single unit
  • Possibility to view specific costs [€/cycle] or [€/pc]
  • Average CO2 emissions per kWh produced and their weighted impact in the overall environmental impact of the factory 

Indices and consumption

Monitoring of the overall factory consumption:

  • Overall consumption
  • KPI and internal and sector benchmarks, deviation from the benchmark
  • Machine consumption (kWh) and possibility of calculating of kWh/cycle
  • Hourly machine consumption, on- and off-mode
  • Production cycles and comparison of the overall time required for single cycle completion  


Electricity consumption monitoring (auxiliary consumption)


Monitoring of the number of cycles, units and electricity consumption


Monitoring of the output, hours worked and machine downtime

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