Agri-food industry

KontrolON allows you to monitor all operational activities in a constant and efficient way, enabling you to know the exact output of each type of product.

Investing in state-of-the-art and ultra-efficient machinery is not enough, in order to get a foothold in the domestic and international markets you have to systematically control the entire production cycle: from raw materials to industrial facilities and machinery used in each production process.

Production data

Production details:

  • Quantitative production details
  • Quantitative capacity details
  • Details of average production
  • Details of instant production
  • Number of pieces per production line (flat seamer, capsuling machine, etc.)


Generating customised alerts and sending them via push notifications to your PC, tablet, smartphone and app

  • Average productivity alerts
  • Temperature alerts
  • Process alerts

Alerts are activated when a certain parameter (minimum, maximum, average, summary) is either above or below the established threshold.

Costs and emissions

Breakdown of the incurred costs by each energy carrier (that vary based on the type of production):

  • Consumption cost details: cells (storage, refrigerating and drying)
  • Consumption cost details: milling, maturing, salting, etc.
  • Consumption cost details: steam oven, heat pump, etc.
  • Overall factory costs and single piece costs €/pc.
  • Average CO2 emissions per kWh produced and their weighted impact in the overall environmental impact of the factory  

Indices and consumption

Monitoring the overall production and single production phases: 

  • Overall factory consumption or consumption of a single production line  
  • Hours of lighting, processing and consumption of the machinery involved in each process (pasteurisation, grinding, sieving, roasting, etc.)
  • Consumption of fridge cells and boilers
  • Process KPIs and overall KPIs (kWh/pc).

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