Agriconserve Rega

CO2, energy and production monitoring of industrial and water purification plants.

A canning company operating since 1965 in the tomato and legume sector in both the Italian and foreign markets under the Rega and Strianese brands.


Following its investments in machinery and technologies, the client aimed to keep plant data under control. The company request included:

  • The monitoring of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere related to its production activity
  • The detailed detection of production costs
  • The control and analysis of specific parameters relating to water purification activities


Following an accurate analysis of the client’s needs, our team installed the kontrolON both in the production plant and in the water purification plant. The installation of the system included also the activation and customization of the Energy, CO2 and Production modules.

Furthermore, the system was interconnected with the company database in order to extend the company supervision.


Thanks to the kontrolON the company has become a 4.0 Industry, since it is able to control in real time and through alerts, dashboards and apps, its energy consumption, its environmental impact and the overall performance of the production process.
The monitoring of specific parameters, including the use of cubic meters of water and the purification status, allow the company to read, control and improve crucial production activities and to simplify the computation of costs through remote control.

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