ALAS Klöch GmbH

Production plants and energy monitoring

Austrian company involved in the extraction of gravel, basalt and the production of aggregates in different grain sizes; it is among the main suppliers of aggregates for road construction in Styria and Slovenia.


The customer was looking for a system that would allow him to optimize production processes and increase the production capacity of his sites, already consistent with about 1,500,000 tons of aggregates produced every year. He also aimed to:

  • Increase performance and make the material process more efficient;
  • Integrate the operational data recorded in the ERP system already in use for comparing and analyzing sales and production tonnage;
  • Quickly detect and correct production anomalies;
  • Know energy consumption and costs.


Following a careful analysis of the needs expressed by the customer, in a few days and without any production downtime, we installed the kontrolON Production and kontrolON Energy modules on the chosen plant.

The implementation activity was followed by the customization of the dashboards and the alert system to facilitate the real-time control of the data and of alerts in case of plant anomalies.

The last activity involved the training carried out by our technicians in an attempt to allow operational and production managers to use the system in the simplest and most effective way.


Thanks to the kontrolON system, ALAS Klöch employees and owners are able to control in real time production data essential for the optimization of manufacturing processes.

The kontrolON system shows the energy consumption of each processing step and the cost details per ton and for each fraction of rock.

The daily reports and the immediate alerts of anomalies allows the company to implement effective operational strategies and to correct or eliminate any processing errors.
The customer appreciates the experience of our team who guarantees constant support for any new request.

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