Cava Basalti Orvieto

Production, energy and maintenance monitoring

A mining company founded in 1969, specialising in basalt aggregates, used in the production of bituminous conglomerate, cement conglomerate and track ballast.


The client needed to monitor production and streamline business processes along with maintenance activities, changing manual reporting to digital and more efficient data collection. In particular, the customer wanted to:
  • Control general costs and consumption rates
  • Monitor CO2 emissions and obtain energy savings
  • Schedule routine maintenance activities to avoid extraordinary ones
  • Get access to production and consumption data as well as costs in real time


After a close analysis of the customer’s requirements, our technicians installed KontrolON for production, energy and maintenance monitoring.

The dashboard of the client and their alert system were customised according to their specific needs. Today, the owners of the company are able to see qualitative and quantitative parameters as well as consumption rates in real time via a special smartphone app. Data collection enables them to identify energy savings they could achieve after optimising their production.


Routine and extraordinary maintenance scheduling has allowed the company to optimise production time while boosting the performance of the factory.

Thanks to kontrolON, the owners of the company are able to monitor and display the most critical data related to production, power consumption, overall costs, harmful emissions and the efficiency of the production of specific stone sizes, which helps them to adapt their production in order to focus on the most profitable products.

The owners are now able to be in control of the quarry and can constantly monitor CO2 emissions.

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