SuperBeton S.p.A.

Monitoring of concrete and bituminous conglomerate production plant

Leading company in the concrete and bituminous conglomerate sectors with 58 production plants in Italy.


The client needed a system that would allow them to:

  • Check the quantity of material produced by the plants on the daily basis
  • Compare the real production data with that reported by plant operators
  • Monitor the production and energy consumption of each plant
  • Promptly intervene on machinery in order to avoid production shutdowns


Our technicians have installed kontrolON in the client’s industrial plants.

Following the analysis of the client’s requirements, we have then customised the dashboards, which show consumption trends in real time.

This was followed by the persolization of the reporting system.


SuperBeton is now able to get precise information regarding the costs of each single ton of asphalt processed, both in terms of use of raw materials and energy consumption, a daily check that allows the company to identify the quantity produced and wasted material.

Thanks to kontrolON, plant operators can easily consult data related to the status of production, costs, waste and consumption.

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