Calter S.R.L.

Monitoring of cement and concrete production plant

Company specialised in the production and transporting of cement and concrete.


The client wanted to know precisely the consumption and production on a given working day. In particular, they needed to:

  • Monitor the material entering and leaving the plant;
  • Check, from anywhere, the quantities of cement or concrete entering and exiting the plant as well as those processed at the plant;
  • Receive a periodic report to know the progress of production and the hours worked;
  • Optimise business management with a simple and non-invasive plant monitoring system.


We satisfied the requirements of the client, who needed to optimise the control of the consumption of cement, aggregates and concrete production.

Following a preliminary analysis, our technicians intervened by installing and configuring the kontrolON platform on the plant’s belts.

The owner was interested in a production monitoring module, which was customised in relation to alerts, dashboard for data consulting and automated reports.


Thanks to kontrolON, the owner and the production manager are able to efficiently control the company’s production, waste of materials, incoming/outgoing vehicle loads and hours worked through a free-of-charge kontrolON app.

In the event of anomalies and/or if production levels fall below the threshold, the plant operator receives an alert that allows them to choose the most convenient intervention strategy to implement.

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