Cave Merlini S.R.L.

Aggregate crushing plant monitoring

Company specialised in mining, processing, selection and crushing of aggregates since 1962.


The client needed to optimise production levels, avoiding imbalances in the production itself. In particular, they needed to:

  • Control the aggregate crushing plant remotely and in real time;
  • Monitor the entire production plant: single belts and grain sizes;
  • Receive a periodic report to check the progress of production and hours worked;
  • Optimise industrial processes by avoiding machine or plant downtime, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


A preliminary site inspection was followed by the installation and configuration of our kontrolON monitoring system, allowing the owner and plant operators to check production progress, energy consumption and plant status in real time. 

The customised dashboard enables them to monitor all the data directly from their PC or smartphone thanks to kontrolON app.

Our technicians customised the dashboard and defined the methods and timing for receiving automated reports and alerts. 


Thanks to kontrolON, owners and operators know exactly the hours worked, how much material has been used in the entire plant and on each single belt, the energy consumed and the schedule of machinery maintenance activities.

The company has optimised the production flow and has achieved excellent results in terms of economic savings and reduction of consumption and emissions.

Thanks to the customised dashboard, accessible from both PC and smartphone, the client monitors data and all production belts.

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