Monitoring and management of orders, costs, materials, consumption and production impacts.

Company production and packaging hot and cold bituminous conglomerates.


The customers expressed the need to monitor, in real time and remotely, various production data through the acquisition of a single monitoring tool. In particular, it needed to:

  • Monitor work orders and production costs;
  • Quantify the bituminous conglomerate milled material recovered from road demolition and fed into the production process;
  • Monitor all production data, including the costs of mixtures and consumption of both scares raw materials and energy raw materials
  • Monitor the amount of energy consumption of the production plant and the amount of self-generated electricity from existing photovoltaic plant;
  • Check the environmental impact attributable to the use of scares raw materials (aggregates and bitumen) and energy consumption (electricity and methane gas).


KontrolON was installed at the production plants located in Lonate Pozzolo, in the province of Varese. The installation involved several plants: the asphalt production plant, the milled asphalt plant (material recovered from road demolition) and the photovoltaic plant.

Our technicians installed and configured the KontrolOn Energy and KontrolOn Production modules.

In addition, the customization of the control dashboard was carried out according to the customer’s requirements, with elements specific to the activity carried out.


Thanks to the installation of kontrolON, the customer is now able to monitor the progress, consumption, costs and environmental impact of its industrial plants from any location and in real time via PC or smartphone.

The installation of kontrolON allows the customer to check not only production data, but also the related environmental impact, while at the same time facilitating evaluations, analyses and actions necessary for the company’s sustainable growth.

Thanks to the implementation of kontrolON, the customer can know exactly how much milled bituminous conglomerate is recovered on a daily basis, brought down to a suitable grain size and reused in production.

With kontrolON, the customer has strengthened the technological set-up of his company; this will make it easy for him to meet the demands of the increasingly demanding and environmentally conscious market and contracting authorities.

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