Colombo Severo

Monitoring of Inert Materials and Asphalt Concrete Production Plants

A construction company that since the 1970s has been involved in roadwork, earthmoving operations, demolitions, asphalt and cement production, and excavations.


The client required a control system for their production plants to enhance the functionality of the existing CGT system installed on their company’s machinery.

This prompted the management to test our industrial plant monitoring system, kontrolON, proposed by CGT, to meet specific needs, including:

  • Monitoring the production of inert materials and asphalt concrete, assessing monthly, weekly, and daily performance to compare and optimize output;
  • Managing energy consumption and production costs of the production plants;
  • Assessing the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions from their production activities;
  • Real-time monitoring of production status to track progress, detect anomalies, and intervene immediately.


Our kontrolON industrial plant monitoring system was proposed by CGT and installed on the inert materials production plant. Once the functionalities and advantages of the tool were understood, the management decided to install the kontrolON monitoring system on the asphalt concrete production plant as well.

Our technicians configured the modules acquired by the client (energy consumption monitoring and production monitoring), customized alerts according to the management’s requirements, and set up the control dashboard.

The continuous support from our experienced engineers enables the workforce to address abnormal situations and any new requirements.


The implementation of kontrolON allows staff and management to access data related to industrial production, including plant performance (costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions), through a real-time and reliable monitoring system.

Adopting the kontrolON dashboard allows for monitoring the status of plants and machinery through a single, user-friendly, and intuitive interface.

KontrolON has facilitated the monitoring and long-term comparison of production performance and impact, actions that have significant results in terms of energy efficiency and production costs over the medium and long term.

Customized alerts make it possible to monitor the status of activities and promptly address anomalies (e.g., production below threshold).

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