Energy and production monitoring for a crashing stone plant

Austrian company operating in the aggregates, concrete, demolition materials, waste materials and construction sectors.


The customer required the real-time monitoring of the quantity of material produced in the plants and of the production costs, in order to be able to make them more efficient and possibly reduce them. Specifically, he asked for:

  • Precise production and energy consumption data;
  • Monitor consumption data in real time;
  • Analyze production costs € / t in real time to improve processes;
  • Monitor the environmental impact of the company in terms of CO2 emissions.


Our technicians carried out an energy and production diagnosis of the company. This was followed by the installation of the Production Control module, in order to obtain detailed data of the quantities produced and costs incurred in daily activities.

It followed the installation of the Energy module – for the detection of energy data and CO2 emissions – and the customization of the dashboards according to the customer’s needs.


Thanks to the kontrolON, the company achieved notable improvements in its production performance, it reduced CO2 emissions from production processes and obtained significant energy savings.

Production has become more regular, as the system detects precise information in real time, including any downtime. This feature allows the company to intervene and correct anomalies as soon as they occur.

The company receives a personalized report on a daily basis that summarizes the production data and energy consumption recorded during the day and coming from various production plants.

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