Italkali S.p.A.

Production monitoring and energy consumption monitoring

Rock salt extraction, production and sale.


The customer showed various needs related to the company plant for the production of industrial salt:

  • Acquire data in real time for specific production needs;
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and costs; particularly important for the cost structure of the finished product;
  • Globally evaluate the production process by identifying the less efficient steps;
  • Attribute the cost to the correct point of the production process;
  • Innovate internal procedures for the acquisition and analysis of production data.




The installation of the kontrolON system involved one of the company’s three production sites, the Realmonte site, dedicated to the production of industrial salt.

Our technicians have installed kontrolON Production and kontrolON Energia, for the monitoring of production processes and energy consumption.

In addition, alert thresholds have been added to determine when production meets the target or is under it, thus allowing intervention to optimize both productivity and reducing energy consumption. Our team supports the client in order to allow the business to meet its needs related to the production process.



The adoption of kontrolON has allowed the company to acquire data in real time about the costs and energy consumption of the production cycle; it has allowed timely intervention on production, as well as, the shift of the plant structure towards a more effective and efficient method.

Thanks to the kontrolON app, the control manager can monitor the progress of operations in real time and send instructions to those who work on site.

KontrolON’s remote and real-time data collection has allowed the company to innovate the process adopted so far for the acquisition and analysis of production data, abandoning reports and spreadsheets to make room for a more fluid and precise method.

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