La Ginestra S.R.L.

Aggregate production plant monitoring

Company specialised in gravel and sand mining, production and trading.


The client needed a system that would allow them to streamline and make production plants more efficient. In particular, they needed to:

  • Check the progress of the overall production;
  • Monitor the average flow rate of the system and receive alerts in case of malfunctioning and shutdown;
  • Download a detailed report of costs, consumption and production data;
  • Analyse the collected data.


The client was interested in a production monitoring module, which was customised according to their specific requirements; with kontrolON, they can see exact production costs, quantities of materials produced and data that was difficult to calculate with other systems.

KontrolON has enabled digital acquisition and processing of data, which is sent to the cloud.


Thanks to kontrolON, the client has improved their production performance and has achieved energy savings.

Our technicians handled every customisation requirement, including receiving alerts both if the plant is working at full capacity and in the event of production anomalies, in order to immediately report them to the quarry manager.

Alerts, sent through push notifications, warn, in real time and on a dedicated dashboard, when the plant is switched on, off or works under the established threshold.


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