S.E.M.E.S. S.R.L.

Monitoring of production and energy

Company specialised in the extraction and production of aggregates, bituminous and cementitious conglomerates, waste recovery and disposal.



The client needed an integrated system that would allow them to monitor the consumption of energy, production and performance of plants. In particular, the customer wanted to:

  • Know the impact of electricity both in terms of consumption and costs, as well as in relation to production;
  • Have close control of production, consumption and CO2 emissions;
  • Take immediate action when system malfunctions and anomalies occur;
  • Know precisely real costs and daily production output.


After examining the conditions of the company and listening to specific requirements, our technicians have installed kontrolON for energy and production monitoring. 

The alert system, the report system and the control dashboard have been customised allowing the company to monitor, in real time, energy consumption, production output and the plant status. 

Thanks to the dashboard, available on the phone, PC and tablet, the client always knows what happens at the production plant.


Digital acquisition of data, which no longer occurs manually, allows time optimisation and a greater precision with regard to data verification and analysis. 

All data can be easily accessed via kontrolON app. 

The client, attentive to their environmental impact and sustainability, is able to control not only costs and production, but also the consumption of energy in order to quantify CO2 emissions generated by the plant.


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