Santorelli Group S.R.L.

Production plant monitoring in the agri-food sector

Santorelli Group is an international player in the agri-food sector which has multiple production sites in Europe and specialises in the production of semi-finished cherries and in trading of frozen fruit.


The client needed to be able to control the production activity of all their plants in real time. In particular, they wanted to:

  • Monitor operational activities and consumption of production plants;
  • Compare the collected data with the operators’ delivery lists;
  • Define the exact quantities of drums produced by each production line and by single plants;
  • Know the real output for each type of products (cherries in alcohol, pitted cherries, maraschino cherries, etc.).


Following the preliminary site inspection, our technicians installed and configured kontrolON platform, managing every customisation requirement regarding panels, dashboards, reports and alerts, meeting the client’s explicit need to know Industry KPI and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) values.

By doing so, the process of acquiring consumption and production data has been simplified, along with the identification of anomalies and energy consumption. The configuration of the system has been followed by the training phase, aimed at teaching the staff of the company how to use kontrolON.


Thanks to kontrolON and to our competent engineers, customers and operators are able to monitor the consumption and performance of their production plants in real time.

KontrolON is a simple solution to manage data flow from different production lines, aggregate it and make it available to the entrepreneur and plant technicians in a clear way.

Digitalisation of the production process – from the point of view of Industry 4.0 – has made the company more competitive on the European market.

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