Cava Fusi S.R.L.

Aggregate crushing plant monitoring

Company specialised in the production and trade of aggregates and natural, crushed, tout-venant and recycled road construction materials.


The customer needed to monitor the production of their aggregate crushing plant, in particular:

  • Receive daily and monthly reports on activities;
  • Compare the collected data from monitoring with the plant operators’ lists;
  • Monitor and define energy consumption;
  • Know the hours worked each day and the quantities of aggregates produced.


After the inspection of the production site, our technicians installed and configured kontrolON platform. This was followed by the customisation of the dashboard, the alert and report systems, according to the requirements expressed by the owner and plant operators.

The plant manager receives a daily report with data and graphs of the production trends, moreover, thanks to the dedicated panel and the calculation of the company KPIs, the client can monitor the efficiency of their plant.


Thanks to kontrolON, the digital acquisition of production and energy data simplifies operation and analysis.

Satisfied with the results, the client decided to monitor other production lines, managing to have the overall production under control through a dashboard accessible from a mobile phone or a PC.

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