Eco Logica 2000 S.R.L.

Monitoring of aggregate waste treatment/disposal plant

Company specialised in the transfer/disposal of aggregate waste of the construction sector (industrial, infrastructural, public, residential and private) and in the supply of ecological building materials.


The client needed a monitoring system for production plants that would allow them to:

  • Know the quantities of material and aggregate waste entering, leaving and processed within the plant in real time and remotely;
  • Optimise and digitalise production processes avoiding waste of resources;
  • Reduce energy consumption of the plants, thus curtailing CO2 emissions;
  • Receive a periodic report to check production trends and the number of hours worked.


Our team installed and configured kontrolON platform and customised dashboards, reports, alerts and dedicated panels, according to the requirements expressed by both the company owner and plant operators.

The owner needed to have a single solution that would allow them to closely control production from anywhere.

It was followed by the training phase of the company personnel to enable them to use the installed platform correctly.


Thanks to KontrolON, owners and operators can monitor data collected at the aggregate recycling plant even remotely. By accessing kontrolON app, they check and plan their work in a simple and profitable way, they analyse and plan improvements of their plants, activities or company procedures.

Interconnection between machinery, plants, operators and analysts allows the company to work without wasting time.

Ecologica 2000 has optimised the performance of their production plants and has reduced energy consumption and harmful emissions.

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